Loss of a great dog…and a new beginning…

I realize I haven’t posted here in ages (or on any of my many blogs)…but I noticed a few people still check up on this place and my older one on occasion.

Toby passed away this summer and my heart breaks. It was completely unexpected and he was the most incredible boy. He was my best boy, a brother to me. I wish I’d known it was coming, I wish I’d had the chance to say goodbye. 😦 I am forever going to miss this boy.




There will never be another dog that is anything like him. No one can replace him, no one can fill the void in my heart he left behind. However, after a lot of talking, a lot of grieving,  we made the decision to start looking for another puppy to join our hose in the future.

At the end of the summer we are expecting another edition to our household. A little performance/show Australian shepherd boy. I’m really excited. Aussies were on my short list almost five years ago when I got Moose instead, so when we started talking this time–and debating whether or not we wanted to go through a responsible breeder for this pup (versus all our other dogs being rescues in the past) we decided to take the plunge. I can’t be more thrilled with how things are turning out.

Right now, I’m not sure who is coming home with me. The litter looks fantastic. The dad has worked as a ranch dog, is a great herder, and has earned his ASCA CH and UKC GRCH. He’s rocking in obedience and rally. The mom has her UKC CH and is rocking in obedience and rally as well. I love the breeder’s dedication to the health of her dogs and I’m really excited as we talk potential plans for my future puppy.

I do know the pup coming home will be a male. Both boys in litter are gorgeoussss red tris like their parents.

So, while I’m not blogging here anymore, I do have a tumblr set up to post pictures of the dogs/birds. It’s an easier blogging system for me. I don’t have to be all well thought out and detailed posts. There will be tons of puppy pictures there (-cough- already is one of the litter), so yeah, you can find Moose, me, and the birds over at:

Pawprints and Feathers

And stay tuned for puppy pictures 🙂


365 – Day 11

And interestingly enough, I realize I’m all caught up on my “birds” version, but still several days behind on the dogs. I need to work on fixing that! But since I’m posting them together here, I’m posting at my ‘slowest’ rate.

365 Days of Dogs – 11




365 Days of Birds – 11